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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to be an Independent Contractor working for Independent Field Connections? 

This is a list of items that we require in order for you to obtain work through us:

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)

  • Doing Business As (DBA)

  • Signed Contract

    • Verbal or written termination by both parties at any time, no penalties, etc. 
  • Signed W9

  • Background Check (7 Years)

  • Confidentiality and Trade Secret Protection Forms

  • Direct Deposit Information ​​


These are additional items that must be scanned and emailed to us:

  • Copy of Drivers License for background check

  • Copy of current/valid auto insurance

  • Color Photo for badge ID

    • Must be eye level

    • White wall behind photo

  • Void Check or Direct Deposit Slip from bank

We file all signatures and paperwork through DocuSign to make the process simple. Only the additional items must be sent to us in an email. 

What am I required to do as an Independent Contractor (IC)? 

As a Field Contractor, you will be performing "Field Calls" for our clients. Here is a list of performed tasks:


  • Print letter/documents for delivery to customer

  • Logging into secure website to see availability of work (workloads may depend on location)

  • Insert documents into envelopes that Independent Field Connections provides

  • Drive to the address on the assignment sheets

  • At the location, geo-locating your position for our clients and taking requested pictures to prove you were there

  • Knock on the door and request customer you are looking to speak with

  • Speak with the customer about information our client is requesting.

  • Each assignment will have details of the questions they want to be answered

  • Any additional information the customer has given should always be noted

  • If customer is not home, in most cases, you will leave the letter at the door or with someone else (Third Party Contact)

  • After assignment is complete, log into website and fill out the results via online report

What equipment will I need?
  • Computer with Internet Access

  • Black and white printer

  • Word Processing application like Microsoft Office (Purchase) or Google Apps (Free)

  • Digital Camera/Smart Phone with Time/Date stamp capability (downloadable applications can be used to assist with this)

  • Smart Phone for geo-location and logging onto website

  • Reliable Transportation

  • GPS, MAP or some other sort of route management for travel between destinations. 


Are you a debt collection agency?

Yes, we are registered as a collection company, but we do not collect money. We are either dropping letters at doors, attempting to get updated contact information or telling the customer they need to contact our clients. We create a bridge that brings these two parties together so they can work out the details and negotiate new terms or agreements. We do not purchase debts, and we work directly with the client instead. We consider ourselves the "good guys" in this matter and just want to create lines of communication for our clients in order to help their customers. 

What will I be doing?

We perform tasks for our clients when their customers are not able to be reached. This is what we specialize in:

  • Field Contact:

    • Help reopen a line of communication between customers and our clients

    • Update customer information

    • Inspect Collateral

  • Loss Mitigation

    • Assist mortgage institutions to re-establish communication to provide mortgage assistance. 

  • On-Site Inspections

    • Business and commercial property inspections

  • Occupancy Verification

    • Determine if the home is occupied and by whom

  • Document delivery and retrieval

    • Letter Delivery (with contact or without contact)

    • Ensure pickup of proper delivery or pickup

How much money can I make and What's the pay?

There are many factors and variables to determine this, and it depends on a few items. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and drive for success,  this could be beneficial to your success. Rural areas typically get less work than large Metropolitan areas. However, rural areas may have more driving involved, and trip factor may increase pay to destinations. 


You are paid for every completed transaction. Fees range from $6 (Letter Delivery) to $35 typically, and certain assignments may get up to $50 for successful contact and completion. Depending on volume in your area and assignments received, in some cases you may be able to finish 3 to 4 assignments an hour.


When will I be paid? 

The invoice weeks end every Sunday. It is critical to submitting your report the same day you run your field call to be paid the most accurately. 


Currently, we will send information for the transactions you have completed. We have an online invoice system that assists with sending invoices to us which creates a quick and easy process for submitting for payment. 


Do I need prior experience?

No prior experience is necessary. We provide support for you to help you get started and asking the right questions.


Is work guaranteed?

The volume of work you will receive will also depend on our clients sending Independent Field Connections work in the areas you live. Work occurs in all the states we manage and volume obtained in some months is higher than others. We do not guarantee volume to any Field Contractor. Performance is key to our success as many of our clients have deadlines for receiving responses.


Some areas have more Field Reps then others. If we have high performing Reps working in the area, you may only start with a small number of assignments, but grow depending on your performance.


Will I be an employee? 

No, you are not an employee. We only work with Independent Contractors. You will receive a 1099 at the end of the year showing how much we have paid you for tax purposes. You will be responsible for your taxes. 


Will I be reimbursed for mileage and other expenses?

You are paid per assignment completed. We will work with mileage for people reaching out to extended areas on the map. We use different formulas to determine the best results for the Contractors in the field making long hauls on the road. Other expenses, besides envelopes, are all covered by the pay from the current assignments.  


If there are multiple assignments in one area we are having you drive, we will cover driving expenses to get out there and back. 


When can I begin once I have submitted my information?

After your paperwork has been submitted, we must verify all the information is correct. You can expect the verification process to take two (2) business days. Depending on the time required to conduct the background check and then travel time for the badge to be received, it may take up to 10 days before you can start. We are unable to assign work until you have received your badge for customer identification purposes. 


You made it down here, is it easy? 

Thanks for making it to the bottom of the page. They say nothing is easy, but we like to think this is easy. You could do this part-time or full-time based on your location, and depending on your organizational skills, you could be a huge success. Some field contractors are capable of finishing 6 to 7 jobs an hour depending on route, location, traffic and their efficiency. We offer support for those beginning in this career and will talk you through anything before you get to your first door. We are here to help you succeed also. 



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